Gold, Frankincense and Merchandize


The Materials doesn’t enter the political sphere in virtue it is, by its essence, divisive. We attempt to focus an emotionally resilient perspective as mere observation.

Have you noticed the very striking physical, intellectual and behavioural similarities between the blonds either side of th’Atlantic?

The Prime Minister and the #Resident seem strongly attracted to transforming the business of politics into their fiefdom’s playground. Indeed, one wonders where their [advisers’] apparent messianic fervour to bonsai politics will lead given such latent Cummings/Kushner immersion.

It could be argued that the American (1789) and British (Act of Union, 1800) political systems have equal maturity – though there was something of a longer run-up on the eastern side of the pond.

Somehow, it feels as though written and unwritten constitutions – whose stabilizing walls have supported and guided events when turbulence threatened chaos – have lost their relevance to holders of great office. The spine that upholds and impartially protects the spirit in which countries are governed appears to have received such a kicking, it is in peril of cracking.

Thank goodness there are those, like Dr Julian Lewis, MP to whom integrity matters and whose backbone can’t be swayed by threats trickled from catapults. He’s sure to be humming ‘Whip crack away to your hearts content: I’ll be getting on with the job’.

Either fishy or foul


Eileen Agar’s self-portrait in Ceremonial Hat for Eating Bouillabaisse, 1936  
The Bridgeman Art Library represents the copyright holder

In some senses, it seems as though hurling pesci-ness into a court bouillon to let it simmer is a lazy way to describe the UK’s current intellectual, spiritual, emotional and political state. Tilt in a spoon and who knows what’ll be drawn out?

In virtue of our utter dismay with the vaccuous absence … the complete and ubiquitious absence … in politics of kindness & emotional resilience / intelligence ever since Mr Cameron’s failure [to persuade our neighbours to let the UK have its gâteau et le mange aussi], we reflect on Listening‘s suasive strength. We’ve been banging on about this forceless power since 1994, afterall.

You can’t imagine how refreshing it is to hear a political candidate emphasize the importance he places on it.

Diplomats need to tread carefully as the ground beneath our feet is waving, seismicly. @RoryStewartUK has spent the past six months or so, walking lightly on the earth, conducting street conversations in order to Listen to what we’re all thinking.*

* Mr Stewart is an independent candidate standing for Mayor of London.

Walking for Leadership, rather than Running for Election, intuitively seems a more measured approach: one which serves the electorate rather than the candidate; in which dialogue has the time and space to unfurl.


Halloween, which as soon as B Johnson Esq announced as the immutable date of departure we knew wouldn’t be so, when ghouls and goblins teeter around with chocolate smeared faces and pointy hats swish up drives, it is sincerely hoped the damage this brutal, deaf process of Brexit has caused can stop for breath, allowing hearts & ears to open.

The spell No. 10 seeks to cast by virtue of its excruciating slogans could feasibly stun us into submission. There’s something either fishy or pretty foul at play when oratory lacks grace: surely a sign of wizardry at work?