Children in Schools


Children grasp the emotional intelligence of Listening by virtue they don’t carry the baggage of resistance.

Whole class participation in the half-day session of fully interactive segments gels together their curiosity and willingness to excel.

Class teacher / form tutors are encouraged to participate with an observing colleague, the whole room is focussed on the exercises performed in pairs & small groups.

The session is designed to raise awareness of and develop skill in heightened Listening skills.

The result is that children are: calmer through increased self-awareness; kinder and more considerate in virtue of understanding others better; have greater resilience to external events through approaching them with greater knowledge of their dimensions; develop an empathic perspective that informs how they allow others to treat them which dramatically strengthens inner resolve to be treated with respect.

Contact us for an initial dialogue. Sessions are delivered in school following an on-site assessment and submitted proposal.