We’ll waft up neither an exhaustive nor, we hope, exhausting set of links as explicative, enlightening pages. The hope is to generate greater understanding.

Why emotionally Intelligent people are more successful by Harvey Deutschendorf

Emotions in Management and the Management of Emotions: The Impact of Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Politics on Public Sector Employees by Eran Vigoda-Gadot, Galit Meisler: University of Haifa.
Only for EI fundamentalists.

The Impact of emotional intelligence on employee performance by Zeeshan Ahmed, Sarwat Sabir, Zia ur Rehman,Mishal Khosa and Anyl Khan.
Another scholarly paper, more informed by an EI approach than that above.

EQ and the Bottom Line: Emotional Intelligence increases Individual Occupational Performance, Leadership and
Organisational Productivity by Geetu Bharwaney, Reuven Bar-On and Adèle MacKinlay

The primary objective of this paper is to show that development of emotional intelligence increases occupational performance, leadership and organisational productivity.

Leadership Institute: Building Leadership Capacity through Emotional Intelligence by Karen J. Argabright, Jeff King; Graham R. Cochran, Claire Yueh-Ti Chen,  Journal of Extension, 2013
Given the changing dynamics of society and the pressures on Extension organizations to adapt, leadership effectiveness has become a crucial element of success. The program presented here is designed to enhance individual emotional intelligence.

Priming Ability Emotional Intelligence by Nicola S. Schutte, John M Malouff – Intelligence, 2012
Two studies examined whether priming self-schemas relating to successful emotional competency result in better emotional intelligence performance.

Emotional Intelligence: New Ability or Eclectic Traits? by John D. Mayer; Peter Salovey; David R. Caruso – American Psychologist, 2008
Some individuals have a greater capacity than others to carry out sophisticated information processing about emotions and emotion-relevant stimuli and to use this information as a guide to thinking and behavior. The authors have termed this set of abilities emotional intelligence (EI).