Services – the materials


Madeleine Baird Materials equip C, D & M levels with the skills to discern where weakness lies and, with elegant solutions, transform it into graphene strength ability. We come to you: whichever country, timezone, hemisphere.

Emotional Profiling creates a map in four dimensions to reveal motivations, ethics, strengths and weaknesses. It strips away the facade constructed to mask, inter alia, price sensitive information, allowing those skilled in its use to look through their competitors.

Emotional intelligence-gathering To ensure a full 360° perspective of key players, regardless of their team. 

Empathy  The tailored programme

C – Suite   2 early mornings
For Leaders to sharpen their EQ as to slice through to the kernel of fruitful dealings.

For young blades and experienced scimitars, this session gives you the edge on knowing what others are thinking and will do.

D – Level    Day / 2 mornings
For the far-sighted director whose selection of sections develops team performance, corporate competition and extends the reach of their influence. Contact

M – Level   Full day, off-site
For the uniting of hearts and minds. Team training days offering a break from the norm  Team training days offering a break from the norm and yields corporate audibilty. Contact

Material difference Consecutive afternoons – small group
Good Manners matter. They make the difference between winning and losing contracts.

How to behave in professional, social and public arenas and includes table, social and business manners. A must for the novice and refreshes empathy for punctuality and prudence. Contact

Listening  Consecutive afternoons – key executive
The cost of mistakes, mis-understandings and mis-judged responses can’t be precisely quantified. Suffice to say, the burden is borne by shareholders, clients and reputation. Listening, being the fulcrum of effective communication, is largely forgotten and has been marginalized. This skill is fully explained (yes, it’s not obvious), exercised and flourished.  Contact

Taste not Waste   A morning
Bespoke proposition, tailored to corporate issues, culture and ambition.  Contact