Ardent sincerity


© USA Today

A while ago, an aspiring politican told me he thought compassion, empathy and emotional intelligence was a load of rubbish. I wasn’t sure at the time whether this was said to shock, prod or truely reflected his thoughts.

Happily, he is young enough for the maturing of his ideas to shape themselves into something deeper. For as Jacinda Ardern’s victory in New Zealand shows, those qualities do appear to be making greater sense to Electorates around the world.

Strength of character incorporates flexibility, kindness, honesty, forebearance, vision.

At a distance, it seems Ms Ardern’s Leadership is what has transformed a Coalition into a majority Government, the first such since New Zealand’s current political system of proportional representation was instigated in 1996. While there’ll be a hard-working team around her, it seems her vision telescopes a more understanding perspective into hearts of stone to transform ambition from something ebrasive into an embrace.

© The Independent Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern acknowledging Victory

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