Reflection on timeliness


© CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform                            The cover of Dr William O. Sass’ novel: pertinent to this day

In virtue of it being World Mental Health Day, we offer this in bliss of soothing equilibrium.


Clearly, we at The Materials are not the only ones excited about the date today: 10 • x • 2020?

The previous such symmetry being 8 • viii • 1616 and before that 6 • vi • 1212. Need we go on? It’s a rarity: every 404 years in other words. This is the last such event. Ever.

[Well, unless they decide to add a few more months to the Lunar Calendar which might mark more than a tidal surge in astro-physics, mathematics and geometry!]

A new day: choose the self-fulfilling prophesy of wellness.

© Adrian Ashworth                      Higger Tor Sunrise Mist

♡ As an aside, we also love the fact that it’s a rare occasion when European and American dates can’t be confused … x • 10 • 2020 !

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