Water waste*


© Flash Parker                       Red Sand Dunes, Mui Ne, Vietnam

What a waste.

We’ve been a spinning centrifuge, powered by steam emanating ears, nose … [we’ll leave it there] … since yesterday’s discussion on the radio.

Rachel Fletcher, Ofwat’s Chief Exec, was wheeled onto a business slot on @BBCr4today to talk about pricing, dividends, shareholder value et al.

Not once … NOT ONCE … was the infinite preciousness of resource mentioned. What a wasted opportunity.

Sorry to be shouty.

When the Body’s figurehead tasked to monitor and regulate management of water is unable to think beyond how much water we can use rather than how little we should waste, surely it’s time for a review of priorities, focus and best practice?

One need not be the sainted Attenborough to be aware of the implosion of natural resilience of the natural world. Everything there is, is already here. There will be no galactic-sized, inter-galaxy super-tanker dropping off a load of sweetly fresh, aerated water while gliding past the Globe.

Be fair: it was the Business slot, we hear you wail.

Yes: in order to conduct business Goods or Services are traded. When there are no Goods, it’s no good bleating about disappointed shareholders: we should wail over the catastrophic, venal mis-management of the planet’s precious resources.

The value of a thing is it’s worth. How we value a thing is worth thinking about. Water’s worth the effort. Nuff said?

[* Wattawaste, growled in Ian Dury’s particularly asphalty burr is how this headline ought be read.]


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