A balm of grace

Kwaku Alston, Essence Magazine

© Kwaku Alston

The amazing grace of America’s first couple has, for the past eight years – whatever one’s politics – been a balm.

I do not recall one occasion during that time when the world shuddered at what next might be said or revealed or unmasked; nor does one act of haste or ill-considered response stain their record.

The values by which this intellectually gentle epoch has been informed appear to be those respecting all the rights of humanity to be and behave with autonomy. Trust not thrust.

As we prepare for the #ResidentElect to assume power and hope that past performance is no guarantee of future reaction, perhaps it is a moment to look beyond expectation to focus on possibility?

Anything is possible: with sturdy preparation it may be achievable? Let us hope Trump does not thump.



The business of politics

Image: WhiteJaune via Compfight

Image: WhiteJaune via Compfight

Were I from Generation Z, I’d have had the phraseology nailed and generated a viral storm of Likes. As it was, every time I poked fun at the absence of Ecology concern voiced in the US Presidential election, flat is too ambitious a term for the interest shown.

In virtue of an assiduously cultivated radar, generally I can declare a prescient perspective. Thus, when I started #itstheecologystoopid – or the subsequent, tragic variations – it didn’t occur how wrong I would be.

The #ResidentElect has nominated a chap for the post of Energy Secretary, former Governor of oil-shy Texas Rick Perry, who declares an absence of persuasion by the evidence of climate change. Joie.

When he is #ResidentoftheUnitedStates Mr Trump will continue to reside in a bubble of business people: he’s nominating business chums to the posts in his gift.

It is true to say the US is a country focussed on business and no matter what one’s thoughts on the Olitics of the situation [is Olitics what Oligarchs transact?], what transpires will be a fresh form of global dominance in which Politics has scant place and diplomacy is but a tracery amid once-febrile minds.