The business of politics

Image: WhiteJaune via Compfight

Image: WhiteJaune via Compfight

Were I from Generation Z, I’d have had the phraseology nailed and generated a viral storm of Likes. As it was, every time I poked fun at the absence of Ecology concern voiced in the US Presidential election, flat is too ambitious a term for the interest shown.

In virtue of an assiduously cultivated radar, generally I can declare a prescient perspective. Thus, when I started #itstheecologystoopid – or the subsequent, tragic variations – it didn’t occur how wrong I would be.

The #ResidentElect has nominated a chap for the post of Energy Secretary, former Governor of oil-shy Texas Rick Perry, who declares an absence of persuasion by the evidence of climate change. Joie.

When he is #ResidentoftheUnitedStates Mr Trump will continue to reside in a bubble of business people: he’s nominating business chums to the posts in his gift.

It is true to say the US is a country focussed on business and no matter what one’s thoughts on the Olitics of the situation [is Olitics what Oligarchs transact?], what transpires will be a fresh form of global dominance in which Politics has scant place and diplomacy is but a tracery amid once-febrile minds.