We love this


Riz Ahmed interviewed for The Late Show on his latest film #SoundofMetal. Sub-titles by @deaftcollective

Ah, man. We love it when thought and consideration is voiced, with kindness, about Listening.

We’ve been banging on about the sophisticated skill of Listening for …. EVER and continue to delight in hearing how others understand it.

It’s g-Lorious to be reminded we listen with skin, heart, the reception dish of our bodies, with our deepest gentleness and at the furthest folds of compassion.

Riz Ahmed’s new film #SoundofMetal requires him to submerge himself in an echoing void of empathic displacement and sense the world … his world … afresh when the character he portrays loses his hearing.

We listened to the discussion on @BBCFrontRow when he said ‘Attune the body to do the Listening for you‘ and ‘Holding space for someone else’s energy with your full attention‘ which captured so beautifully an essence of this absorbing skill.

This actor who holds himself with remarkable inner stillness learnt to sign for the role. A sign of our times?

Alas, we have not seen the film (no telly), Sound of Metal, directed by #DariusMarder is available on Amazon Prime.


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