Riding through the glen?


It’s a tough gig, appearing in front of a huge crowd just when the fire alarm’s gone off and attention is anywhere but in your direction. How, in such circumstances, does one make a mark?

A full, Covid-19-dominated-year-on from assuming the office of Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, the role has been revived by virtue of his infinitely courteous, constructive scepticism. Better briefed and more attentive to suasive dissection of detail, his is a positive contrast to the chaotic exhibition of hubris across the Despatch Boxes. 

Sir Keir Starmer, QC

While it seems unlikely <– the Rt. Hon. Sir Kier Starmer, QC has ever held ambitions of swash-buckling his way along Westminster’s endless corridors of power, perhaps you agree that there

appears to be something of –> the Errol Flynn about his energy and manner?

A top role for the Irish actor was Robin Hood … (Robin? Thieeevin  more like) … the notion of giving to the poor funded by the rich would seem more closely aligned with a politician’s nod to a just society. 

For our international readers, you know that the Leader of the Labour Party has been in post since Spring 2020. A former Director of Public Prosecutions [Sheriff of Nottingham?!] he entered Parliament in 2015 whence he represents Holborn & St Pancras: not quite a glen but compassing genial slices of Hampstead Heath, Regent’s Park along with all of Bloomsbury. Seems fertile hunting ground to re-balance social EQuity&EQuality&EQ. That’d make a mark.


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