Mite we not give more thought?


A bronze, widow’s mite still in circulation around the time of Jesus (minted by Alexander Jannaeus, King of Judaea, 103 – 76 B.C)

A story from Cheltenham illustrates the freedom and elegance of a simple truth.

Doubtless, with the best of intentions, a supermarket thought it a benevolent act to give by rounding up customers’ bills to the nearest Pound and donating those extra pennies to health charities. In these hard-pressed times, the simplicity of the plan is rather gorgeous.

The missing element, though, appears to have been Consent: the Shoppers whose generosity would fund the plan were not asked for their view/opinion/agreement to participate: they were deprived the freedom to choose. From one view therefore, it could be seen as theft: a far cry from the intended kindness.

The fact this kind of thing occurs ubiquitously and on a daily basis is a sombre reality which could be entirely mitigated by just a smattering of emotional intelligence.

Taking into consideration how their customers would feel if the coppers were removed from their change versus inviting them to be the donor would’ve informed planners of the importance of proper procedure.

How one feels is captured by the cycle of how one’s treated and therein, how one treats others: that symbiotic self-raising flourishing of relationships.

Vish Vaparni noted truth always tastes of Freedom on the Today programme this morning. Truth, among other things, is clarity; transparent dealings nurture trust.

Here at The Materials, we’d heartily encourage all Grocers, businesses and those on the public-facing front line to inform their decisions with emotional intelligence. The relief to all concerned will not only mark a profitable change of direction but enhance the flavour of life.

The supermarket story was described in the Manchester Evening News


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