Tipping the scales


© WingNut Films                               Smeagol, unable to relinquish his Precious

Here at the Materials, we’ve been trying to think of a comparable situation to the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process ~ you know, the chap nominated by the #Resident to sit in judgement at the highest court in the land.

Consider for a moment: notwithstanding the flawed nature of every person on the planet – part of being human, after all – generally speaking the integrity of such committees should be above reproach. How else can we have confidence in the truth & justice of its judgement?

Peter Carrington springs to mind, somehow. He was Foreign Secretary when the Falklands fiasco blew up. He resigned in virtue he had not foreseen the consequences of Argentinian mutterings.

To finish the first sentence above, therefore: we can’t. We can’t think of another instance of such shameless gall.

It’s hard to hap on a more unedifying tableau of a man whose integrity and honour have been questioned gripping to the tantalizing prize of immutable power. The Eight other members of the Supreme Court are cast in puzzling light if they consider such questions to hang over the prospective Ninth as recommendation.

The irony is that by undermining confidence in the judicial process, the occupant of the White House reinforces his values, his priorities and his humanity. That US Senators, who do the confirming bit, are either complicit or oblivious seems unimaginable.

Speaking of irony, do you also wonder if the #Resident who recommended himself so highly in advance is glad for the actual Nobel Peace Prize Laureates whose work to comfort and support victims of sexual outrage has been recognized in this most globally visible manner?

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