In-credible: fear & credulity


Image: Eric Johnson

Trump. The whole story in a word.

What was expected? It appears what is being done was expressly planned and announced: well in advance. There seemed no lack of credence at the time. Perhaps we didn’t Listen to what was heard?

Cambodians didn’t deserved Pol Pot, Rumanians Ceaușescu, Ukrainians Stalin. So it can’t be right to suggest we deserve the politicians we get; other than in fully paid up members of Democracies, naturally.

Listening and hearing are similar but not akin. To Listen, attention must be paid: to the words used, the manner of expression, the way the body is held, the breathing that ventilates the ideas, the light in the eye, the kindness – or otherwise – in the demeanor.

The hard work of Listening yields surprising dividends that justify honing skills on a daily basis. Even so:  #ResidentTrump evidently spoke to something in us. To the fear in us, perhaps?