Rio 2016 – Spirit in Motion


You know when something occurs to somersault outmoded ideas to transform understanding?

This happened to many amid London’s 2012 Paralympics. Watching the athletes compete for the first few days was done with some unidentifiable thing lurking at the back of the mind. And then it dawned we were watching dis-and-differently-abled athletes.

Not until this realization mapped itself onto my consciousness did I fully grasp how closed my mind had been. The razor of their competitive edge sliced away anything but athletic ambition and as a spectator, focus was on pure achievement; spirit in motion.

Swept up by and tumbling over my own ignorance felt as freeing and disorienting as being dumped by a wave.

At the time of writing, in Rio, Team GB has amassed 95 medals, 43 of which are Gold: we’ll return to this later.

Won’t it be thrilling when everyone on the planet is defined by what we show ourselves to be and given the freedom to be just that?