The idea of Anarchy

Ach, takes ya back

Ach, takes ya back

Recently I heard Johnny Rotten comment fondly that his old mucker Sid Vicious “had no aptitude for music.”

John Lydon left his Rotten-ness behind long ago and John Ritchie (later as John Beverley) relinquished Viciousness-and-all just before Maggie marched in the Tories in 1979. Another world.

Why is this pertinent? It seems the unexpectedly beautiful Joe Corré, son of Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren, is to sacrifice his collection of Punk paraphernalia on a pyre at auto-da-fé in Camden to coincide with the fortieth [imagine, 40th] anniversary release of Sex Pistols’ Anarchy in the UK  [26.xi.16].

Again, we hear you wail: why is this interesting?

Corré has said “The artefacts represent the ideas – they’re in the past and it’s the ideas that are important, not the memorabilia” This strikes me as a Buddhist way of looking at the world. Mingling punk and all that it characterized with conspicuous emptiness of Buddhism? Now that is rather interesting.