Come what May


There was talk in these pages recently of useful maxims.

Well here’s another: “When there’s nothing jolly to say, jolly well say nothing.” I regret to admit this one’s used on a daily basis.

It’s not necessarily the case the UK has erred on the side of caution: afterall, a leap into the unknown is as bracing for the viscera as for the intellect. I’m dazzled by just how separate the vast majority of the United Kingdom feels and, as Immigration has been foremost on Leave’s lips this morning, I ponder on the speed with which French sentries gallop from Calais’ barracade.

It is my sincere hope we lift our thoughts to civilized action such that others weep their savoir faire lacks our savoir vivre.

PS: through a contiguity of ideas, The road less traveled is a volume recommended by Therapists. I wonder whether or how long that’ll continue to be the case?

PPS: Nigel Farrage said triumphantly on the radio this morning that “there are 183 independent countries and Britain is now 184th”. He can’t mean, surely, we’ve voted to place ourselves at the very bottom of the rung in terms of influence?