Sturgeon unfilleted


Artus Wolffort c. 1620                                   Andrew: Scotland’s saintly Patron

When Nicola Sturgeon appeared before an enquiry of her fellow MSPs, Members of the Scottish Parliament grilled her as an Isle of Man kipper.

Did you watch any of the footage? We did and it seemed as evident as any evidence ever given that it was a straightforward account of facts – although without any kind of malign insinuation which can occasionally colour testimony when besieged by an attacking force.

We were puzzled Commentors suggested she was doomed. We listened with our eyes and ears and hearts and minds – not with a sense of touch as it was telly but we were touched by the patience exhibited. It yodelled to us that the First Minister, who testified for Eight hours without notes seemingly, relied on memory. Imagination lets us down as it fails to preserve order in the mind whereas memory allows for contiguous reflection and recollection to flow in an orderly manner.    

Appointed by Alex Salmond in 2013 and reappointed by Ms Sturgeon to the role of Advisor on Ministerial Code, one might think it plausible James Alexander, SC would be torn asunder by divided loyalties. Yet, Mr Alexander has found the First Minister innocent of breaching that very Ministerial Code with reference to allegations of sexual harassment by her predecessor.

The fishyness of this affair has been kept fresh and sweet-smelling by the very matter-of-fact approach the First Minister took, with no carping from the side-lines but patient attendance on due process.

When we published this a month or so ago, we had no real confidence of justice being done. We are simply thrilled to have been wrong.