From nothing comes something


© NASA  Cassini spacecraft observes three of Saturn’s moons set against the darkened night side of the planet. Seen here are Rhea, closest to Cassini, Enceladus to right of Rhea and Dione

Tuesday, Third October Twenty Seventeen, in geological terms, may not seem of starry significance. But it is.

This image, so silent it robs one of breath, is a reminder that from nothing comes something.

Scientists are impelled to nail down knowledge of what occurred nano-seconds following the posited Big Bang. Extrapolating somewhat: is knowing what happened to our world immediately following our birth not akin? And if so, surely the more interesting question is what occurred to produce us? Don’t fret, this isn’t going there.

No, rather what snagged the unravelling yarn is trying to understand the cause of that big bang/our birth: which necessarily presupposes there was much required to make it/both happen. Before there was something, seemingly there was nothing. So what is nothing?



Today also marks the birth of Abacus ~ an attempt to make things add up. Airing at Five pm on Resonance 104.4fm then available through, inter alia, our About page. In this inaugural programme Tony Jordan, head honcho at Red Planet Pictures, steers us onto the inside track of getting your work on telly.