Safe Arbor


© Gary Turner                                                                 “Here and back again”

You know when something snags your inner eye and causes the imagination to effervesce?

It seems an inordinately long time since we sat in a circle with a class of Year 4s speaking into creation a chain story. This image strikes us as yodelling its demand for 24 bambinos to adopt one frame each [I’ll take 5,2 please] and create myths to swing from its branches.

If you swagger to these pages regularly, you’ll know our quarter century focus on Listening: so we hope you’ll forgive the synaesthetic meldment of Listening-to-images-of-a-mighty-oak over the course of its seasonal, wardrobe-changing year*. The deep-rooted stability such glory of creation exudes communicates an immutable, existential otherness soothing fraught anxiety: it leaves one weak at the knees.

At root of all we do is teaching folk … of any age … how to Listen. So tell us: what does this calendar whisper to you?

NB the g-Lorious image/idea/modality was tweeted by @garyturner who runs