What a wonder-full world


It’s kinda irresistible, when two figures whose words carry weight sit down for a conversation. Particularly when one hears their dialogue as music or a balm to soothe broken skinship of humanity.

Have a squint at these two, Sir David Attenborough and President Obama.

Then do that something this blog encouraged last week*. Doesn’t matter what, really. Vast numbers of small differences create evolution. Recycle or walk more or grocery shop and leave the packaging in the store or use water with greater efficiency or whatever maps easily onto the contours of your life.

It ain’t rocket science. It’s more sophisticated than that.

* we’ll try not to bang on about this more than N times a year

Surely a wind up?


Don’t get me wrong. Mooning on the parapet is never what I intend but often seems to be the result. [By now you’ll have grasped our lateral contiguity of thought?]

Wind turbines. Yup, we’re wading into this one.

It was reported this morning that the Government is to end payment of onshore wind farm subsidies a year early. The turbines fail to win public support, seemingly.

Good gracious, can it really be the case the Frankenstein stitches of electricity pylons that scar landscapes – and all that they entail – are preferable to a sustainable source of clean energy?

We’ve an on-going torment here with water wasters who think it’s about money, letting the tap run and run. “We can afford it, we pay our bill” they sing.

When will it sink into the understanding that it’s not about money or Nimbyism but that the planet can’t afford it. It can’t afford to have destroyed what remains of this glorious ball which hangs in space.

Speaking of which, watch this one as we’ll doubtless return to the frantically important subject.