Walking on air


 © Steve Burnett                     Prize-winning shot of natural nature

It is at once a shattering relief and a complete no-brainer: that flourishing mental health is increasingly and volubly associated with mingling in Nature.

These pages like to promote the simplicity and efficacy of genial escape by walking in green landscape and blue waterscape to soothe the mind, enabling it to comb through the tangles. Applies just as much to animals: think how unhappy captive creatures are, removed from their proper habitat.

The prize this image deserves was awarded by the Campaign for National Parks which is celebrating seventy years of ambling amid the glory of creation.            [It was a matter of squinting puzzlement when living amid the Fells, that 75% of residents never set foot on a rambling path while 5% wouldn’t be prized from them.]

Pressing oneself into the grooves of the landscape reconnects to the fundamentals of existence. It resets the internal compass to direct us towards a kinder approach and consideration to tread more lightly on our Globe.

Image                        Moonscape

Mebbie the Earth’ll end up    as arid as any other planet in the solar system: devoid of rapturous, balanced beauty: valuing & appreciating it while we have it enhances individual and universal humanity. … Back to the owl.

@SteveBurnett_                          Right: supper A short-eared owl … on a mission

Check its expression: does it suggest to you he’s heading for something distinct … inferring thought? Won’t it be great once we permit all creatures sentience?