Funny old world


Are we a few minutes from midnight?

The history repeating itself adage swings like a pendulum and one wonders if the clock is ticking?

At the end of the Nineteen Twenties, there came the Wall Street Crash followed by the rise of unaccountable National Socialism and horrors of ethnic cleansing. It appears none noticed the portents and then closed eyes to the consequences. Nothing was done until too late.

At the end of the Noughties, walls on the world’s financial streets came crashing down making room for the rise of unaccountable oligarchs and horrors of ethnic cleansing. It’s hard to know whether making America grate again will desiccate her supporters or mix suet into her opponents’ rigour?

The one component which unites informed commentors when speaking about their side of the argument, be it Syria, Israel/Palestine, Ukraine, Iraq, Northern Ireland, United States, North Africa or Turkey which, let’s face it comprise a mere clutch of troubled zones, not one of them appears disposed to Listen.

Financial crash. Tick  

Rise to power of unaccountable figures.

World averts its gaze. 

Ears, hearts, minds are closed.