Notwithstanding the Sundayness of this entry, it’s deliciousness can’t not be recorded.

Phyllida Law is Michael Berkeley’s guest on Private Passions [seemingly, first broadcast last year]. Why is she telling us this? I hear you cry. Well, Miss Law has a grand-son whom her daughter and son-in-law, Greg Wise, adopted some eleven years ago. One of her choices is Tekere by Salif Keita; it  makes him dance which delights her.

For 3 years a decade back, I broadcast a programme called Baird’s Breast Stroke. Consistency being all, it opened each week with a four line poem I’d written, read by Greg Wise immediately followed by a 65-second burst of Tekere. [Mr Wise had been a guest on a previous programme The Hollywood Ups and Downs Show, in case you were wondering how he came to read one of my verses.]

There’s no possible connection but I find it ridiculously jolly; when the past skids into the present in that smilingly oops kind of way.

Smiling; positively groovy for every part of one’s being.