Presidential arrival follows Trademan’s exit*


Changing of the Guardians: Presidential-Elect team arriving at the Capitol

It seems a mad mingling of ‘aeons-ago’-&-‘like-yesterday’ that North America was kidnapped. The four years we’ve been holding our breath, lest the disturbance of air add to the ricochet of policy direction, has shown there are enough people whose sentience maps over the contours of sombre reality to restore sanity.

The weight of exhaling is over.

This is how we saw things before the last Administration took office in 2016 and six weeks later remarked that analysis seemed woefully justified.

Sustaining an injury leaves a mark: the bruising left by the #Resident’s tiny little hands may take a while properly to heal.

Soothingly, yesterday’s inauguration of President Biden seems, prima facie, a decisive start of that healing process. Emotionally intelligent words were used: integrity, compassion, truth, empathy and listening.

Along with Vice President Harris there appears fresh ventilation of hope and with it, vaccination against the dismal exhibition of moral and political vaccuity to which the American people have been subjected.

The shattering relief a new chapter has begun needs to energize us for the battle and on-going trauma of the global pestilence which is so far from over. We need unity of purpose, a globally united state of kindfulness.

* remember when?