Where ghosts cast shadows


© NASA On Mars, as snapped by the splendid Opportunity lander

It strikes me heroic as only heroic can be that the splendid wee Mars lander, Opportunity, bimbles off into the wide yonder, yodelling back across 33.9 million miles (that’s on a close day) images of unearthly clarity.

NASA, obviously knowing of what it speaks, describes the ghost as a Dust storm. While ghosts are not generally attributed with shadows, neither are mini-cyclones. Modal logic would allow that if one, then the other: no?

Thus, let imagination ricochet from every shiny facet of cheerful  wonder on a solitary, shuffling object – which I’m fairly sure chats to itself as merrily as R2-D2 – and allows us to observe that which cannot be seen, a ghost beyond the machine.