Space stationed between us


Image: Turbonomic                        Venus and Mars in unimaginable proximity

There is something to be said for distance that allows greater insight. On this splendid day when Major Tim Peake is thrust into orbit at the start of a six-month sojourn in space, we can’t help pondering on something else in the news.

Bill Cosby is fighting ‘multiple allegations’ pertaining to sexual assault.

He denies them: his accusers press their claim.

I wonder whether this magnifies the fundamental difference of perspective between the X & Y chromosome.

It is clear from the numbers of men brought before courts who yodel their innocence of charges, that they really don’t get the fact their behaviour is unwelcome.

Ask a man if he’d like to be kissed and caressed and have attention paid to him by a woman with whom he does not have a close relationship: it’s extremely plausible he’ll answer Yes. From which he extrapolates that if he likes it, so would she.

Ask a woman if she’d like to be even touched by a man with whom she does not have a close relationship and she’ll say No. This may explain why women don’t tend to jump men or invade their space.

Education as to what females and males appreciate, value, retreat from and abhor should surely be part of the curriculum. From the earliest age, boys and girls must learn that acceptable behaviour supervenes, inter alia, on thoughtfulness and that differences exist which should be respected with deontological vigour.

Such emotional intelligence or mindfulness really does, it seems, need to be taught.