Suasive little words


You’ll have noticed the power of small words. You know: Truth, Love, Tax, … Trust.

A Davos delegate whose name I didn’t catch alas, told the radio interviewer that “CEO trust is low because they don’t speak”.

This yodels something of profound significance, don’t you think? It bounces the echoing truth that to be trusted, we must be known – our thoughts, perspective and intention. Privacy is essential for well-being but secrecy – a potentially counter-intuitive notion in virtue that if I know a thing, how can it be secret – secrecy is ripe for mis-understanding.

Suasive, a lovely word, means power without force. Could it be plausible to suppose the suasive evolution in CPD will embrace and promote a degree of openness and humility? Madeleine Baird Materials has; will the CEO Leadership programme at Harvard’s Business School lead their cohort of peers in similar vein?