Any Dimbleboy unspaghetti’d


© Graham Monro/GM Photographics

For longer than the world has spun on its axis, the Dimbleby dynasty has cracked the whip and held reigns over British broadcasting.

Heard on the early evening news comes a cataclysm to traditionalists the universe over that Dimbleby Junior-cum-Senior (the specter of Pater Richard continues to loom) has, through a kind of sphincteric exchange, relinquished his grip at a cornerstone of political debate. Younger brother, Jonathan continues to moderate his own interpretation of Any Questions on BBC Radio 4.

The new appointment as convener of Question Time on BBC television is Fiona Bruce.

Not having a telly, I’m unable do anything other than celebrate evolution, big up elocution and wonder if this passing-of-the-baton was execution or elevation? Father of the paper-waving Chamberlain said All political careers end in failure.

It seems that for affable broadcasters, if you have the [18th century use of] bottom, it is possible to float out on a high cloud of affection and regard.

Emotional resilience in the cauldron of debate is a pre-requisite. We wish Ms Bruce cheerful fortune and success in advance: next week’s Question Time will be the last of the old guard. May the salutes hold standards to account and let progress unfurl.