Nurturing Skinship with one another


Let’s learn from those whose light within shines out

Have you noticed: there’s more than Covid-19 in the air?  It seems racism has acquired the quality of contagion.

In the last few days, I have been accused of being racist on four occasions. It’s so long since that happened, I struggle to remember wherewhenhow it last occurred.

I wonder what’s driving it?

Ah, I do recall. After a few months sharing a kitchen, I termed the depleting hygiene standards of a fellow user as ‘nauseating’. She reported it; I was described as racist. Still don’t see the connection. That may be a useful hook on which to rest this … unrest.

It is th-Rilling for humanity that inhumane habits – treating anyone badly in virtue of their quintessence – are revealed for what they are. In the blazing light of revelatory scrutiny, casual cruelty might shrivel from the civilized behaviour manual.

What troubles me is that those who’ve felt oppressed for so long logically see pernicious hostility everywhere. Perhaps stepping with greater, more cautious care in navigating a path through life will help reassure others?

Understandably, sensitivities are at highest levels of exposure: when released from a kind of captivity, we all react with a delicious and wild abandon. Stretching one’s mind to try to understand or, to quote Atticus Finch, “walk in another man’s shoes” is a powerful start to how each of us can help transform fear and resentment into a willingness to see beyond.

To focus on the Light in all of us will illuminate the kinder side of our nature which has the gorgeous potential to evolve into a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Emotional intelligence&resilience fortify the ability to manage things better than is currently experienced. Here at The Materials, we long for cultural leaders to endorse its pragmatic, explicative function to make the world a kinder place.

Ultimately, what’s needed is more people to knead EQ into the dough of their lives for self-raising flourishing to infuse its powerful presence.

Who’ll be our champion?