Eye of storm in face of history


Image: Behance

It is around twenty six years since events stirred themselves together to produce The Marshmallow Project*. It came into being in virtue of the absence of Listening. This sophisticated instrument of communication stabilizes and brings balance to understanding.

Derek Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd’s life

The world is caught in a perfect storm of contagion. Pestilence hangs in the air which frays calm: such ever-hovering potential and menace dissolve resilience to carry on as normal. [Alleged second-degree] Murder publically committed with such a face of history can only churn sentiment into a tornado of outrage.

Pestilence and outrage spread.

Emotional intelligence is a tool to repair things. It listens to pain with empathy. It understands causes of action and by supporting the weight of both, it eases the hurt inflicted. Soothing pain and hurt acknowledges and dignifys their right to exist; this eases their impact.

This morning on the radio, John Apter, National Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales responded that before waves of protest planned for the weekend “a balance [had to be found] as the majority were peaceful and wanted their voice to be heard”: that “this is about communication: we must listen to their concerns”.

Amid the chaos, this is music to our ears: a note striking a chord of utter sense. “When people are in trouble, we should step forward”: being part of the solution empowers resolve to be the kinder person.

*First there was The Marshmallow Project, 1994. Once established, it became Marshmallow, 2000. Rebranded as Madeleine Baird Materials, 2015.