Zipardy doo dar


Want anything at Waitrose, Darling?     Dior, for the everyday 1950’s housewife

On this fine and sunny day, there is hope. In the grand scheme of things, this does admittedly come way down the pecking order and yet. …

After sixty years of men draping women, today it was announced the House of Dior has appointed its first female creative director.

Don’t fret: we shalln’t rant about using glass slippers to crack glass ceilings. No, MUCH more important when it comes to women’s fashion created by women is that there is an intuitive, instinctive, inseparable understanding of a woman’s shape and how we move.

Christian Dior couture, widely known for the teeny waists of the wearers, reshaped the body to his own ends. My hope is that Maria Grazia Chiuri, who’s left Valentino after seventeen years to assume creative direction at Dior, will stamp her mark by relaxing things a bit.

Take, for instance, women’s trousers. Clearly Dior’s dresses are legendary but wouldn’t it be great if Ms Grazia Chiuri championed the reality of women lacking the equipment to justify a front zip while possessing every justification for a side zip?

Hitherto – and my experience is limited – only Vivienne Westwood has really ‘got’ the shape thing right in her garments. Seriously, who in their right mind finds front fastenings on female trews anything other than nuts?