New form of a dress?


Image Hermaphroditus – you’ll never guess whose child*

We live in a Post-Gender Age.

Mebbie it is an opportunity to refresh or swell the language? Or, see it as an imperceptible turn of the wheel that rotates in light of there being no new ideas, no original thought? … Nothing new under the sun.

For aeons, Western culture has looked to ancient Greece for intellectually civilizing forms and to the Levant for spiritual leadership. Since 4th century BC, therefore, cultural mores have accommodated notions of there being a balance within every individual of he-ness and she-ness to wit it follows the existential neutrality of It-ness.

Image           a Rick Owens dress

Consulting Monsieur Roget (without a Thesaurus, where would we be?), of the many sections on Relations one is Abstract with sub-sections Identity, Contrariety, Non-&-Uniformity, Difference: but still, unavailable was a word for It-ness.

When two things stand in contrast to one another, there exists in the space between … a something. In terms of humanity and its sense of self, this may be where It-ness is manifest?

For all those who have lived in the shadow of historic binary, the shattering relief their Being is at last acknowledged must echo through them. This is an opportunity for the rest of us to expand the perimeter of thought and consideration: I’m not sure whether LGBTQ communities are peaceful with having a letter for an identifier but at least it starts to recognize the rich spectrum of life. As I’m a newcomer to all this, I intend to listen to know better, ultimately, how to say Hallo.

* Hermes and Aphrodite

With reference to the foregoing …



It is a truism that no-one ever gave advice contrary to their own interests. I’ve looked for a disinterested-while-informed individual discovering it to be an oxymoron: why should the disinterested inform themselves?

In case you hadn’t guessed, we’re talking about the NeverEndum, Britain’s referendum on whether the kingdoms of these united isles should remain as member of the European Union.

Balancing the pros and the cons of membership as opposed to submitting to the climates of fear by which each side seek to entremble us is hard. I don’t hold with fear and the polarizing vacillation between supine ‘couldn’t give a flyer’ and prone ‘waddawegonnadoooo’ positions would be hilarious were it not so serious.

Listening to one of those splinteringly clear, clever Americans or Tibetans whose telescope breadth gives them a modicum of distance is on my Do-List; I was hoping to hear something cheerful from the President but even he was able to resist balance.

If you were expecting to see which way an EQ gale howls on this vexed issue, alas: we’re not finished battening down the hatches and the sou’westers have blown off. I wonder what the Dalai Lama would say? He’d probably chuckle; or yawn.