Let’s pander to our humanity


© South China Morning Post                     Ye Ye & Ling Ling, wondering why

HoooooDaThort? It seems privacy ain’t just a human requirement and desired acknowledgement of respect.

Th-Rilling evidence has emerged that with Covid-19 forcing the withdrawal of visitors from Hong Kong’s Ocean Park zoo, a Panda couple has felt more relaxed.

Indeed, it seems removing spectators from wild animals’ orbit enables them to feel more like Ailuropoda melanoleuca at home in South-West China chomping through, inter alia, up to Forty pounds of Bamboo daily.

Ling Ling and Ye Ye have been behind bars, together for ten years. Doubtless, the constant zoological scrutiny traumatizes sensibilities to such an extent, only now that she’s not on show, Ling Ling exhibits signs she inclined to natural behaviour while Ye Ye has left markings around their dwelling.

That which infuses our uncertain times is the scent of longing for something more imaginatively humane. We reached #PeakWeaponizingHearts aeons ago.

While we have time, might these not be moments of wonder? To take a breath and muse on how better/ deeper/kinder/brighter/smarter we step on the Earth: in tandem with which, how we flourish and ventilate understanding that living creatures are conscious and consciousness is life.

From Pandas International: When available, Giant Pandas will eat fish, flowers and small animals. In captivity they also receive milk, eggs, ground meat and specially formulated vitamin bread. Apples and carrots are a favorite treat.

Since the Giant Pandas’ digestive system is not very efficient, they must consume large quantities of bamboo every day in order to obtain the nutrition they need. Cubs are especially prone to digestive problems.

© Scientific American     In supine relaxation

Pandas eat for up to 14 h/day holding and biting the bamboo stalks. They generally eat in a sitting position but also like to snack lying on their backs.

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