Laying out the Coughin’


Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah for @MumsforLungs

This twitter handle is the hook on which to hang pictures of all the drivers who decline polite entreaties to switch off idling engines.

Less name n shame: more picture their discomfort.

Empirically speaking, it seems to be the case responses divide into a genial 65/20/15 split.

No, I’m just waiting for my mum who’s gone to get somefing / oh yes, course. Dunnowhy I do it / why don’t you mind your own business?

Vexaciously impotent to press the argument with the belligerent, now there’s a fab retort. Snap the driver and their registration number and tweet @MumsforLungs. See if that leverages evolution of behaviour?

You see we can’t continue as before. Being kinder to the atmosphere is being kinder to ourselves. Added to which, it flourishes emotional intelligence (EQ). In the making of decisions that benefit as many as possible not merely ourselves, so is cultivated the desire to repeat the feeling that generates.

EQ isn’t candy floss but a chunk of titanium. Although light, its suasive strength holds its ground.

Air quality matters to young lungs. Will parents waiting outside schools / husbands in supermarket car parks / gangsters in Covent Garden side streets who scoff at entreaties to switch off, will they never grasp they’re driving others into the path of coughin’ to coffin?

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