Beyond bee-leaf


© Felix Fornoff                                                        “Leafcutter bee (Megachile) offspring develop in nests made from ovate leaf cuttings thoroughly      arranged in multiple buffering layers by their mother bees. Dr Fornoff is Chairman of Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology at University of Freiburg. He says: “The pigmentation of the pupas’ eyes indicates the approaching end of metamorphoses & arrival of the spring of their lives.”

Most climate conversations I hold with deep sceptics usually include the expression ‘It’s the ecology, stooopid’. I daresay that might explain why doors close: but na’er mind that now.

Much more important is the gallery of award-winning images recognized in the British Ecology Society‘s Photography competition.

There are many others which can be found here yet from this it’s impossible to peel one’s eyes. The picture’s perfect clarity and composition are wondrous: yet that which clamps the mind to the imagination is the staggering complexity of the Leafcutter Bee. Have a really close look.

Could you make something so perfect for your offspring? You, with your 150+ IQ, centuries of civilization and guaranteed final salary pension scheme?

The natural world asks nothing of us but to leave it alone. Rather than learn from it, all we do is destroy it. It is beyond belief.

When evidence of such sophistication meets the eye, mind and heart, ought we not be persuaded to rethink how we function?


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