Mapping imagination’s contours


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If, by virtue of bewildered exhaustion with the depleting state of the human heart amid slavery, extortion, poverty, hunger and homelessness, you too are in soothing need of something cheerful, this map of fiction’s finest locations may help.

It is a work in progress, created & co-ordinated by Matt and Rhys B Davies of Londonist by whom your ideas for additions are welcomed.

What is it about maps that appeals so strongly to minds and hearts? The irresistible pull to gaze and imagine allow the inner eye to roam as witches, swooshing across landscape, mapping the contours of reality with metaphysical swank.

The mist of wonder that descends during the process of raking over places hides that what we seek is rarely found: or if it is, it’s never enough as the appetite to look seems resistant to being sated.

What’s fun about this map is to understand others’ locations. That intimate agreement fully to enter into a figmentary universe renders the world a warmer place somehow. And in whatever spot you find yourself at this moment of ubiquitous turmoil, comforting solidarity is always a welcome, fire-side idea.

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