Ils font un singe de nous


Feet held to the fire singe quickly, it seems.

With everything and nothing going on, it’s been remiss of us not to record some kind of emotionally literate response to it all. We do so now in virtue our ears have received a metaphorical box for neglecting implications to the wider world.

There’s a reason. Perplexed to the point of paralysis, we can’t quite emerge from under the dismay of acrasia — which you know to mean weakness of will.

The world, through inertia or frantic stupidity or disbelief or acrasia, has enabled what we euphemistically term pinball wizards* to wrest power in countries around the globe. Turkey, USA, Russia, Syria, Venezuela, the UK, North Korea – though there its people aren’t culpable – Poland, Israel, Hungary [beddastopthere, Ed].

What are we doing? What are we thinking? This is how things went awry in Weimar Germany. We have to wake from this vaccuous torpor which has levered malign imbeciles into positions that determine how we live.

This, doubtless, is not what was expected when feet were released from their crisping: the Sussex’s wedding, the unfurling of a balming Spring – both worth reflection. Nonetheless, emotional intelligence is not a comfortable candy-floss for the weak. It is naked in the face of interrogation and sticks out its tongue at detractors who know little of truth.

*Pinball wizard: described by Elton John on The Who album Tommy. If unfamiliar with the lyrics, we infer being a stranger to veracity, integrity, professionalism by virtue of lacking sight, hearing and speech.