Spacial awareness


© NASA                                                                                                        Yonder

You’ll know, viscerally, your response to this. Do you find the word space hopelessly inadequate?

We’ll proceed on the basis I do.

Space would suggest an absence, a gap, emptiness. Yet plays are rehearsed in a space. That which exists beyond the ionosphere is space. The gap between objects, space.

Occupying the location would suggest it is an active setting, heaving with potential yet the word seems to me to carry a sense of the inert.

Gnawing nails to a perplexingly exaggerated extent about this word has brought me to reasoning fresh morphemes and nouns are needed. It’d be marvellous interesting to listen to your favoured descriptions.

Currently, there is hitherness to refer to this place here now; yonder referencing the universe with space minding the gap.

What think: likely to gain traction?