Cup and sorcery


© Walt Disney                                                                      Uncle Albert’s Tea Party

What if igniting that which has become blah troffage were transformed into an explosion of wonder? Think: a magic tea could become a regular event.

If a lavish six-courser with full napkinry has been consumed by diners atop Arthur’s Seat, then a wee Tea of scones, crumpets, cakes – a fruit and a coffee & walnut [my favourite] with lashings of piping tea can be transported pretty much anywhere: watching the goslings, amid the bluebells, surrounded by birdsong, picking hay from your hair, enveloped under blue, bobbing on teaming waters. 

If this year, with its crashing waves of surprise teaches anything, it is surely to do it all now. Whatever has been pondered in the heart as an ambition to be fulfilled at some stage, make the time; do it forthwith.

We are our own magicians. The fertile conjuring up of our lives from the well of possibility is easier now, May Day, than tomorrow: a blissful case of jam today. Pleasing the mind makes the heart smile and I’m positive we all need a bit of that.