Floating … Butterfly … Being


© Flip Schulke 1961      Cassius Clay 1942 – ’64 : Mohammed Ali ’64 – 2016

The fall of dominoes whose tumble commemorated September’s 350th anniversary of the Great Fire seemed to echo the jaw-dropping number of significant figures felled this fatal year.

Have you known one like it? Neither have I. Finding meaning from such loss is a futile pursuit. Rather, how does it enlarge understanding of existence?

Ancient Greeks attributed characteristics of human nature as qualities manifest by the Immortals, Gods whose eternal being offered both hope of something greater than mere mortals and an explication of that part of us which endures.

How we live in other’s hearts is a function of what we do and say; the butterfly effect. Being the best we can be, then: prudent and a life-long exploration to the limit of our Being.