Another day, Enola Gay


Don’t they look all shiny and clean?

Brace yourself. We said in the last Blogos we’d return to the puzzling politics of box-ticking.

Did you listen to the Commons debate on Renewal of Trident? What think? What did you think of the paper-thin – I’m talking Rizler – arguments put forward to justify this monstrous waste?

Laying waste to humanity, uniquely achievable through use of nuclear weapons, doesn’t miss the point of Deterrents. But producing their next generation of Deterrent does seem to miss the point of humanity.

The fizzing indignation sentient voters experience in light of the intellectual vacuity which won the day is as nothing to the dismay with which our next generation will view our actions.

Burdening them with such a twentieth century legacy is as laudable as giving expectant mothers Thalidomide long after its effects were understood.


Hiroshima after Enola Gay’s shiny contribution

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