It’s an Ology



In another life, that is to say during the Eighties, the agency J Walter Thompson created an ad campaign for BT featuring Beattie, a proud Jewish grandmother: 32 ads over eight years and Ology entered the lexicon.

The power of a word to capture an idea: how does that happen? Well, slapping a marketing budget onto a thing does tend to have a spot-lighting effect. Calling it a super food, for instance, doesn’t alter one jot inherent nutritive properties: it merely draws greater attention. Merely? my eyelashes. There’s nothing mere about the value of concentrated focus.

This comes to mind in light of watching subtle ripples of understanding, as a breeze over barley, glide across the face of a chap in a well-tailored, chalkstripe suit. Later, following the presentation on transforming office dynamics into self-raising flourishing, he said to his equally startled colleague: Man. Listening: it’s an Ology.