2015 – Errrm?


We seem to be letting the side down. Although few and far between, bicentennials hit a seam on xx15 …

1015 – or there aboooots, Knut*

1215 – Magna Carta

1415 – Agincourt

1615 – Apparent dearth of excitements

1815 – Waterloo

…. and yet what is there in this, still relatively fresh, century to rattle the viscera?

Take this as a clarion call: we need to stir the stumps from beneath ourselves and Do Something for its own sake. It’s purely prudent, in virtue of consequential rosey ripples that wash onto emotionally intelligent shores.

Be kind to a stranger, tell the truth to a friend, smile at yourself: smile at a stranger, be kind to a friend, tell the truth to yourself. Many and often: small acts of kindness

* he splooshed over to England in 1015 but wasn’t crowned until 1017