Creaking splendour


There are some voices that motivate a gallop across the room to switch off the radio; know what I mean? That grating, ghastliness rendering the ears sagging to beseech for silence?

Happily for as many such travesties, there are balms.

And for anyone interesting in the physics and biology of Listening, you’ll know the voice carries every shred of information necessary to form a thorough going understanding of its owner.

Listening … not looking but listening … one can perceive the humanity, the compassion, the intellect, the politics, the biology and the direction of its owner. Also the age and geography but these are less important.

Katharine Whitehorn is the first guest on the mini-series of upcoming Theard Side of the Coin broadcasts. If you listen to the creaking cedar of her voice, you can count the rings of what she’s seen and lived through. Miraculous.