When, in 1933, Germany’s President von Hindenburg allowed/found himself cornered into making Hitler Chancellor, it took the little chappie with the moustache two months to rest power from common sense, two years to rest autonomy from rational, sentient beings [sic] and a further four years to convince the man on the Munich omnibus his allegiance to the Nazi cause must be unwavering, eternal, immutable.

Weakness of will. There is very little less acceptable to natural justice than Acrasia.

This comes to mind in light of the announcement at 18.20 BST  that Sepp Blatter has been voted back as President of Fifa. One wonders what its members are thinking? Ought one conclude that’s just it? They’re not.

Taking a wider view, is this an indication of the Western-qua-Developed-World’s shrinking relevance to the world order? RIP Sporting Integrity. May God have mercy on our souls.