EQ means never having to talk about your emotions


Love Story – a ’70s film which gripped the smooching generation – had a strap line of Love means never having to say you’re sorry

In similar vein, developing Emotional Intelligence means never having to talk about your emotions.

In firing a weapon of any kind, it’s preferable to squeeze the trigger while controlling breath. Thus, on this day when the Prime Minister triggers Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to formalize the long process for UK withdrawal from the EU, developing the intelligence to accommodate the passions this evokes would seem a prudent move.

For the second time since 1415, England has waggled two fingers at those it faces across the channel. This, then, may be a moment for kindness to inform professional dealings. Self-raising flourishing implicit to those with heightened skill in negotiation could infuse and nourish dealings with symbiotic tenderness and rational calm.

It is in the interest of these isles that breadth and depth of GB negotiators expand in empathic grace to understand the dismay with which their EU peers approach the table.