Love: strongest of all


In the 23 minutes of Sunday’s Six o’Clock News [BBC R4] devoted to the Islamic terror attack in The Borough on Saturday, not a single Muslim leader spoke to denounce the attack. I called the Today programme’s production team to urge them to ensure an Islamic voice could be heard, as a Muezzin, calling through the core of this morning’s programme to denounce these actions.

Alas, to no avail.

Clearly these agents of execution listen to someone. The frenzied action to which they’re motivated has seaped into their being. Why is the alternative not volubly, emphatically, decisively finding its way into their hearts transported there by cultural peers?

Something profound has changed. Something’s shifted.

My Muslim friends are as hate-filled, militant, offensive and violent as Agnostic/Christian/Jewish/Taoist/Buddhist friends, ie not at all.

The explosion of chaos in the hearts of these destruction men and women in whom has been nurtured this annihilating aspiration is inexplicable. The mujahideen morphed into the taliban who inspired al qaeda which fostered daesh and brought forth … this. This vacuity of humanity, this vomit of purpose, this belch of faith.

It’s a struggle to find an emotionally intelligent explanation of what has happened in Manchester and on Westminster & London Bridges in the last couple of months. Clearly we’ve entered an epoch where this kind of monstrous happening has yet to reach its peak.

What is the rational reaction? Who knows: but I shall ask every Muslim who’ll speak to me how they think this country should respond; and then urge we all to do exactly that.