BRICS and mortar

© The Province ……………………………………………………… Those 1987 Jamaican Heroes

With the Winter Olympics wooshing down slopes, the perilous state of global diplomacy would appear akin to a bobsleigh run. BRIC, the pithy acronym for Brazil, Russia, India and China was coined by economist-turned-elder statesman Jim O’Neill who usefully grouped together this cohort while at Goldman Sachs in 2001 (since which time South Africa joined the theoretical huddle).

Do you share concern for the white-knuckle state of dialogue being yodelled across the East-West gulf, particularly in virtue its cause appears to be the chasmic absence of emotional resilience?

Ukraine represents the red line for Mrs Putin, a man whose fragile sense of self supervenes on reconstructing the USSR, his homeland. Doing his all to bind China in to his southern flank, still it’s doubtful the inferred threat succeeds in protecting his ego.

A 60mm mortar, created for destruction

Setting free someone you love is a natural response to wanting to see them grow and flourish. Using them as a buffer against perceived threats protects nothing: it merely diminishes everyone and shrinks the aggressive defender yet further.

Not being party NATO’s expansion ambitions makes musing on them fraught with potential for ridicule. Thus, rather than crash out at the foot of that slope, we pause for a moment to reflect on why some tend put their fragility on display.

Smallness doesn’t hide well, neither in nor out of plain sight. Smallness is tattooed across the brow, hums through words, colours action, vibrates around intention. Shoring up stature and stability with threats to lob mortar rounds … and the like … at those one fears smacks of cornered ratness.

Is NATO really trying to corner anything or wrest territory from them as unwilling to yield? Mayn’t Ukraine flex its autonomy and decide for itself?

Conjeuring a Sino-Soviet-against-the-World War could seem within conceivable possibility by virtue of a small man who wants to seem larger. Just because we have Pestilence and Famine-through-climatic-collapse, must it be inevitable War and Death gallop from their stables? blogos

The Jung Ones


© Ben Elton?                                       Neil, Rik, Vyvyan & Mike in younger days

Could Jung’s proposition of archetypes – that psyche is a composition of three elements namely the ego, personal unconscious and collective unconscious – influencing our behaviour explain the synchronicity of trans-polar neighbours.

In one of the twelve pearls that are the episodes of The Young Ones, the phrase negative reality inversion is uttered by the hapless Neil upon emerging along with clones from a muck-heap.

Ras and the #Resident could be a tribute band instead of the democratically elected leaders of the OyesUR & USA.

The seeming reflected image over the polar ice-cap of two slight and trivial individuals who appear willing to heap responsibility for their own actions to the shoulders of collective consciousness is dazzling. Along with an election-boosted ego and personal unconscious, Ras will be in power til 2024 which coincides with the #Resident’s planned departure from the term of office for which campaigning as already begun.

Never mind the precedence it sets, load your rowlocks for a fast getaway otherwise heavy, heavy, heavy: it’s gonna be the negative reality of an invasion.