When a word is a Bond

© Getty Images  ……………………………………………………..  HM The Queen in Glasgow, 1953

It is many months since we posted a pondering and, frankly, we’d thought continuing reflection impossible with nothing but an earth tremor able to shake us from that conviction.

Well, yesterday caused just such a vibration.

The funeral of Her Majesty ventilated something of magnificent splendour and for the isles of Great Britain, it meant something. Bidding a thankful À Dieu to a monarch matters in all kinds of ways.

As a 21-year old Princess, she committed herself to a life of service and, normal for the time but depletingly rare now, her word was her bond. She worked hard for the next 75 years. How many people do you know who are working at the age of 96?

Whenever international friends have asked over the years what does Great Britain think of The Queen, the response always included words like Respect, Taken Seriously, Gentle Power and Long-sighted wisdom.

Perhaps few knew at first hand of her humour: James Bond & the Olympics: Michael Bond’s Paddington. Or, the bond of her word which bound her to fulfilling the hand which fate dealt her. Mebbie more knew of her deep empathy (we’ve often written of it in these pages)?

Her Late Majesty has been laid to rest with immediate family: Parents, Sister, Husband. I don’t suppose many know the true impact of Deathness: so we hope that if the immortal soul pertains to everlasting life, the Queen will know how the world appreciated her devotion to her family, her duty and would recognize global gratitude as peace bringer whose words were always meaningful.

The Queen is dead. Long live the King.